“Derek’s music seems to step out from some strange musical time machine where the past and the future meld into a beautiful strange blend of sonic molecules.”
— -Malcolm Burn producer (Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan)
“Top 10 Americana Albums of 2014. “ Best Of LA Americana Music 2012”
— -Turnstyled Junkpiled
“The man is on top of the LA-scene and we for sure gonna keep tabs on Mr Thomas. The vibe and the feeling is there, it’s Americana greatness with a soul-surf touch. Don’t miss his awesome tune Honey Whiskey.”

-Kentucky Seven music blog
“Derek Thomas is a master of mood, creating songs that connect strongly on an emotional level, songs that make a home for themselves inside us so that soon they feel like our own.”
— -Michael's Music Log
“Derek Thomas’ thoughtful, evocative lyrics and smoky vocals are at the forefront of the music. A gifted singer-songwriter who promises to make his mark not only in California, but also on the music scene as a whole.”